Myo Gyi, A Brief Biography of him and The albums He Has Released

Myo Gyi is also another Myanmar hard rocker, heavy metal singers, and soft rock singer. Along with other rockers such as Lay Phyu, Ah Nge, they are in the same band, Iron Cross which was firstly founded by Saw Bwae' Hmu.

According to the sources, it is noted that he has produced nine single albums. Additionally, he has also produced another various artist album. His first album is reportedly to be the album called "Yu Like" and his most updated album is called "Lay Pyay".

His nine single album's names are provided as follows:
(1) You Like
(2) Live in Yangon 1
(3) Live in Yangon 2
(4) Niek Sa Du Wa
(5) A Pyan Lane
(6) Kyauk Sar Myar
(7) A Kan A Nar
(8) Sant Kyin Bet
(9) Lay Pyay

He has only one single album which he is with various artist. That album is:
(1) LMN

Finally, you can have access to his songs and albums from the following site which you can listen to his songs online directly.

Myo Gyi Songs Albums Here